Stereotypical New Zealand

More soon on wine science from Lincoln University, but for now, everything you would expect to find in New Zealand (except an All Black and a kiwi bird, both of which I am still waiting to see in person…)

(yes, really, they are everywhere)

(kiwifruit grow on a vine! photo taken at lovely and organic La Marguerite Orchard in Katikati)

(kiwifruit buds.)

As cool as it was to learn about kiwifruit production, it is also important to note that there is currently a lot of apprehension amongst kiwifruit growers in NZ, as the incredibly harmful Pseudomonas syringae pv. actinidiae (Psa) bacteria has begun to spread across kiwifruit orchards in New Zealand.  Though the bacteria carries no risk for humans (you do NOT have to worry about getting sick from kiwifruit!), it is devastating the vines in New Zealand and an effective treatment has yet to be found.  An unfortunate and forceful reminder of how much risk is involved in any agricultural work.

On a lighter note, some spectacular views to round out this series of photographic proof that everything you hear about NZ is true:


(Mount Maunganui)

(even from a bus the scenery is incredible)





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