Today after checking the density and temperature of the musts that we have been racking,  Muriel took me with her to hunt for cèpes! This week has been filled with talk of these precious mushrooms, as this is the high season for them and this year they happen to be exceptionally abundant.   She taught me the differences between edible and nonedible mushrooms, as well as the difference between a cèpe and a tremoul, which are also edible but not quite as good as the cèpes.  There are two types of cèpe here, black and brown, and Muriel gave me some of each to try, as well as some tremoul (which you only eat the top, or “chapeau” of, whereas you eat the stem of the cèpes) and a couple of girolles (a type of chantrelle) that we found.  I cooked them all separately so that I could compare, and definitely agree that the cèpes are better than the tremoul, and I liked the black cèpes slightly more than the brown (though they are both very delicious, almost sweet in character).

Muriel with just a tiny portion of our loot!

This year it really doesn’t even require much skill to find them – they are all over!


View from just behind the winery

1 thought on “exCÈPEtionelle!

  1. We got some cèpes growing wild in Iceland and had them cooked up one night – so weird to find them in both places. Looks like fun hunting them, though, wish I’d gone!

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