Dans la cuve

Things were quite busy for my first day in the cellar, as we are in the middle of harvesting sauvignon blanc and semillon to make the Blanc Sec.  I helped out with a lot of different tasks, including débourbage (pumping off the clear must after allowing any solids to settle to the bottom of the tank), adding yeast to the clarified must for fermentation, and loading the press – which requires climbing into the tank (cuve) to push out the grapes that are in the bottom!Inside the tank!

With Muriel (who is in charge of the cellar) and Ludo.

In front of the press with Gregory Dubard (left) and Ludo.
With Serge Dubard in front of the tanks and the hose to load grapes into the press.Loading the press

1 thought on “Dans la cuve

  1. Oh, Alissa…how happy I am to see your blog…I’ve missed you as you
    were transitioning to France. I LOVE the old pigeon house and I
    especially love your photo inside the tank. You look quite radiant, so I’m
    thinking this leg of your trip agrees with you!
    -from your old aunty who lives in Birdsong Cottage!

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