Pinord Priorat

First stop today was Pinord Priorat.  Pinord is a prominent producer originally based in Penedès (the region known for producing Spain’s sparkling wine – Cava), but came to the Priorat recently, opening a brand new operation using organic and now also biodynamic practices.
Jaume  showed us how he collects a random selection of berries to test for their sugar content (in Baumé – a density measurement) and pH to determine when the ideal point for harvest will be.  He also can tell if the grapes are ripe by squishing them between his fingers – if the flesh remains stuck around the seed then the grapes are not yet ripe.

This grape still has some time left!

Pinord’s Priorat vineyard is fully biodynamic and organic, so you see friends like this one:

Though they leave the vast majority of the insects alone, they do employ an ingenious method to indirectly combat one of the major pests of the region, the vine moth.  They attach plastic ties impregnated with pheromones to the trellis.  The pheromones create “sexual confusion” for the moths, preventing them from finding their mates to fertilize the eggs.

The red tie is the “sexual confusion” diffuser.

Then it was back to the lab (with the grapes in very high-tech containers) to check the sugars.

Sugar content is measured using a refractometer (here they measure it in Baumé – a density unit, rather than Brix that is often used in the US, which is a sugar concentration unit).

Today was a busy day and this visit was only the beginning of it, so more will be posted soon!

5 thoughts on “Pinord Priorat

  1. Alissa,
    What an education I am gaining from following your posts. Thank you so very much. Although I’m most interested in the organic & biodynamic practices of wine making, I found Mr. Capafons’ approach valuable. Your pics are amazing, as you are. Love & safe travels, Joanne

    • Hi Joanne– glad you are enjoying it! I know that you are coming to France in the fall – when do you arrive? Also, I didn’t get a chance to send you a thank you note for the beautiful picture before I left! so my apologies for this not being an actual card, but let this be a (public) thank you!

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