La Bisbal, Tarragona, i Festa Major

Friday:  Visit to La Bisbal (Rachel’s husband Gerard’s home village) to visit  Àvia (grandma) and Avi (grandpa), and have lunch with the Priest!  He was probably about 25 years old and I never would have known he was the Priest if I hadn’t been told (and he took us to the church to show us the stained glass windows that Rachel did for them).

Saturday:  Jo and I took a day trip to Tarragona – the small city with World Heritage status for its Roman ruins (which I failed to take any photos of… sorry – you can see some here.  We spent the morning wandering around, had a lovely lunch, and spent the afternoon at the beach.

Sunday/Monday:  Falset’s Festa Major begins! The social event of the year.  Kicked off with a major parade (complete with fire-bearing “devils” and dancing Giants), and then the next morning another parade featuring children sprinkling lavender on the streets (traditionally to as odor control after the previous day’s festivities).

Videos from the Festa:

Devils, Parade, etc. (sorry the cinematography is a little nauseating…hadn’t quite figured it out yet)

Giants dancing

Horse dance

1 thought on “La Bisbal, Tarragona, i Festa Major

  1. Wow Alissa such amazing beauty, art and science! I couldn’t wait to catch up with your journey! I’m enjoying the photos, the artifacts and just how astounding this whole process is!!! You are an amazing young woman! Love You, Ann

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