Happy 750th Birthday, Torroja!

Yesterday we went to the village of Torroja’s celebration of the 750th anniversary of their town charter.  There was a craft fair, medieval fare served at the bar and swimming pool, and a tour and wine tasting around the town.

Cal Compte— Originally the home of the landowning family of Torroja, now converted into beautiful vacation accommodations (one of the many perks of staying with a tour guide- I am able to see places that would otherwise remain a mystery!)

View from Torroja.  The Montsant mountain range stands guard to the north-west of the Priorat.

Catalonian flag

The locals are incredibly passionate about sharing their wine and their history.  The more I learn about both, the more it becomes clear that these are entirely inseparable.

Inside of a museum of old winemaking tools.  In the back you can see two wooden presses, and to the right of those some baskets to attach to mules for collecting grapes.  This museum was put together by a man who collected all of these items from the trash dump, as much was thrown out when wine production was not doing well in the region – a period that lasted throughout most of the 20th century until the wine revolution beginning in the 1980s.

Porrera, another village of the Priorat.

Bush vines–  the traditional planting method in the Priorat.  Notice that the vines are growing right out of the slate (llicorella)!

7 thoughts on “Happy 750th Birthday, Torroja!

  1. Alissa…so happy to see YOU in the photos. Wow! spectacular insights and your photos are pure poetry. The images are beautiful. Love seeing the
    vines and the slate. I am savoring every page. With Love, Jan

  2. Ahhh-brings back great travel memories!
    Say hi to Rachel for Lele and me and drink as much Priorat wine as you can (without getting sick, of course).


  3. Alissa, also savouring every page & picture! Love thinking of you there in that beautiful place! Amazing it’s only a week since you left & you’re already so immersed in your project! Love, Bev

  4. Alissa – Love the photos, love the stories and great to see you in the pics! I’ve been wondering about the temperatures there by day and by night??? Love You, Ann

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