I am now settled in about 1 km outside of Falset, which is the capitol of the county of Priorat, though actually located just outside of the Denominaci d’Origen Qualificada Priorat, or the official regulatory wine region of Priorat.  Falset is a town of around 2,000 people, but because it is the capitol it has more amenities than a town of that size would normally.

Today I spent some time exploring the area around the house on my own and then the town of Falset this evening.  Here are some photos of the town and surrounding areas.

Home sweet home for now!

View from my window.


Falset from a distance

Streets of Falset

View from top of Falset

2 thoughts on “Falset

  1. Wow, Alissa! Gorgeous! Looks awesome there! Have a fantastic time!
    (I love reading your blog & get so excited when I see there’s a new posting!)

  2. Alissa…your writing is smooth, easy, fun to read. Your photos are sublime.
    I am so loving your postings and seeing your adventure through your lens. Bellissimo! And thank you for sharing, Love you, Aunt Jan

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