And so it begins…


Round 1 – Approximately twice as much as I really need to bring:

Round 2 – Better on the quantity, but clearly organization has deteriorated:

Round 3 – I officially forfeit my right to berate the Ziplock brand for its support of our culture’s plastic addiction:


After several rounds of packing, I am en route to my first destination, Barcelona!  A five-hour layover in JFK will serve to initiate me into this year of airport-hopping, but before I know it I’ll be in Barcelona!  An article in American Airlines’ on-board magazine highlights the main tourist destinations (la Boquería, Sagrada Familía), boosted my excitement even further while confirming my desire to explore beyond these major hotspots (though I must say I am looking forward to experiencing the peculiarly glorious sensory overload that only a market full of fresh produce, spices, fish, and all imaginable parts of all imaginable forms of livestock can bring about).